“The Great Gatsby” one of the greatest novels ever written by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald published in 1925. F. Scott Fitzgerald was an American novelist, essayist, and screenwriter. Fitzgerald was born into a middle-class family in Minnesota, US but raised in New York.

Summary Of The Book

Nick Carraway, moves to the East Coast to figure as a bond trader in Manhattan. He rents a little house in West Egg, a nouveau riche town in Long Island. In East Egg, a subsequent town over, where silver spoon people live, Nick reconnects together with his cousin Daisy Buchanan, her husband Tom, and meets their friend Jordan Baker.
Tom takes Nick to satisfy his mistress, Myrtle Wilson. Myrtle is married to George Wilson, who runs a gasoline station during a gross and dirty neighbourhood in Queens. Tom, Nick, and Myrtle attend Manhattan, where she hosts a little party that ends with Tom punching her within the face.
Nick meets his next-door neighbour, Jay Gatsby, a real man of means who lives during a giant mansion and throws wildly extravagant parties every weekend, and who may be a mysterious person nobody knows much about.
Gatsby takes Nick to lunch and introduces him to his business partner – a gangster named Meyer Wolfshiem.
Nick starts a relationship with Jordan. Through her, Nick finds out that Gatsby and Daisy were crazy five years ago, which Gatsby would really like to ascertain her again.
Nick arranges for Daisy to return over to his house in order that Gatsby can “accidentally” drop-in. Daisy and Gatsby start having an affair.
Tom and Daisy come to at least one of Gatsby’s parties. Daisy is disgusted by the ostentatiously vulgar display of wealth, and Tom immediately sees that Gatsby’s money presumably comes from crime.
We learn that Gatsby was born into a poor farming family as James Gatz. He has always been extremely ambitious, creating the Jay Gatsby persona as how of remodelling himself into a successful self-made man—the ideal of the American Dream.

Nick, Gatsby, Daisy, Tom, and Jordan get together for lunch. At this lunch, Daisy and Gatsby are getting to tell Tom that she is leaving him. Gatsby suddenly feels uncomfortable doing this in Tom’s house, and Daisy suggests getting to Manhattan instead.
In Manhattan, the five of them get a set at the Plaza Hotel where many secrets begin. Gatsby reveals that Daisy is crazy with him. Tom successively reveals that Gatsby may be a bootlegger, and is perhaps engaged in other criminal activities also. Gatsby demands that Daisy renounce Tom entirely, and say that she has never loved him. Daisy can’t bring herself to mention this because it is not true, crushing Gatsby’s dream and obsession. It’s clear that their relationship is over which Daisy has chosen to remain with Tom.
That evening, Daisy and Gatsby drive range in his car, with Daisy behind the wheel. once they drive by the Wilson gasoline station, Myrtle runs bent the car because she thinks it’s Tom driving by. Daisy hits and kills her, driving off no end.
Nick, Jordan, and Tom investigate the accident. Tom tells George Wilson that the car that struck Myrtle belongs to Gatsby, and George decides that Gatsby must even be Myrtle’s lover.
That night, Gatsby decides to require the blame for the accident. he’s still expecting Daisy to vary her mind and are available back to him, but she and Tom take a powder subsequent day. Nick breaks up with Jordan because she is totally unconcerned about Myrtle’s death.
Gatsby tells Nick some more of his story. As a politician within the army, he met and fell crazy with Daisy, but after a month had to ship bent fight in WWI. Two years later, before he could get home, she married Tom. Gatsby has been hooked into getting Daisy back since he shipped bent fight five years earlier.
The next day, George Wilson shoots and kills Gatsby, then himself.
The police leave the Buchanans and Myrtle’s affair out of the report on the murder-suicide.

Nick tries to seek out people to return to Gatsby’s funeral, but everyone who pretended to be Gatsby’s friend and came to his parties now refuses to return. Even Gatsby’s partner Wolfshiem doesn’t want to travel to the funeral. Wolfshiem explains that he first gave Gatsby employment after WWI which they need been partners in many illegal activities together.
Gatsby’s father involves the funeral from Minnesota. He shows Nick a self-improvement plan that Gatsby had written for himself as a boy.
Disillusioned together with his time on the East Coast, Nick decides to return to his range in the Midwest.

Major Characters in The Great Gatsby

Nick Carraway: The narrator of this book, but not the book’s main character. Coming East from the Midwest to learn the bond business.

Jay Gatsby: a self-made man who is driven by his love for, and obsession with, Daisy Buchanan. Born a poor farmer, Gatsby becomes materially successful through crime and spends the novel trying to recreate the perfect love he and Daisy had five years before. When she cannot renounce her marriage, Gatsby’s dream is crushed.

Daisy Buchanan: a very rich young woman who is trapped in a dysfunctional marriage and oppressed by her meaningless life. Daisy has an affair with Gatsby, but is ultimately unwilling to say that she has been as obsessed with him as he has with her, and goes back to her unsatisfying, but also less demanding, relationship with her husband, Tom.

Tom Buchanan: Daisy’s very rich, adulterous, bullying, racist husband. Tom is having a physically abusive affair with Myrtle Wilson. He investigates Gatsby and reveals some measure of his criminal involvement, demonstrating to Daisy that Gatsby isn’t someone she should run off with. After Daisy runs over Myrtle Wilson, Tom makes up with Daisy and they skip town together.

Jordan Baker: a professional golfer who has a relationship with Nick. At first, Jordan is attractive because of her jaded, cynical attitude, but then Nick slowly sees that her inveterate lying and her complete lack of concern for other people are deal-breakers.

Myrtle Wilson: the somewhat vulgar wife of a car mechanic who is unhappy in her marriage. Myrtle is having an affair with Tom, whom she likes for his rugged and brutal masculinity and for his money. Daisy runs Myrtle over, killing her in a gruesome and shocking way.

George Wilson: Myrtle’s browbeaten, weak, and working-class husband. George is enraged when he finds out about Myrtle’s affair, and then that rage is transformed into unhinged madness when Myrtle is killed. George kills Gatsby and himself in the murder-suicide that seems to erase Gatsby and his lasting impact on the world entirely.